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Below are some helpful articles & resources from the Wall Street Journal.

Uber's Drive Into India Relies on Raw Recruits

Uber is making a big push in India, but finding drivers is a challenge in a country where knowing how to operate a car and a smartphone is a rare talent.

Fast-Food Chains in India Cultivate Untapped Workforce: Women

American fast-food chains have become an unlikely source of female employment and empowerment in India, a country where traditionally most women are kept from working outside the home.

Navy Restores Traditional Job Titles for Sailors

The U.S. Navy said it once again will let enlisted sailors use traditional job rating titles, an about-face by top leaders who wanted to scrap a system as old as the Navy itself but who faced pushback from sailors world-wide.

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How to Find a Job When You're Over 50 - Bankrate

  By Christina Couch • Bankrate.com Highlights   Personal networking trumps competing with thousands by applying online. Experience and loyalty are assets that older workers bring to the table. Though it's not true, older workers are seen as unwilling to adapt to change. The job market is rough for everyone, but it can be especially brutal to find a job when you're over 50. While the latest labor statistics show that workers ages 55 to 64 have lower unemployment rates than almost every other…

The Wall Street Journal and GoliathJobs, The "Generation Jobless" Series

  The Toll on Parents When Kids Return Home   By JOANN S. LUBLIN   Faith Jacobson, center, with her mother, Debra, and father, Jerry, at her dad's home. She splits her time between her parents' residences. Many young adults find themselves still tethered to the Bank of Mom and Dad, and that dependence is taking a toll. Kevin Davis moved back home last December after receiving a business finance degree from the University of North Carolina. He has yet to land a full-time job.   About Generation…

JobsOver50 Assists Student Project at University of South Florida

Needs and Perceptions of Retirees Who Return to Work Are you 55 or older and returning to work after retirement?  Not sure what you would like to do? If you are willing to answer personal questions online, including your age, race and work history, you can qualify for a FREE online interest inventory.  This survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and is part of a University of South Florida (USF) student’s research project (eIRB#2988). Click here to take the survey! Once the survey…

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